Father of Teen Murdered by Illegal: Trump ‘Gave Us Some Hope,’ I Feel ‘Invigorated’

Jamiel Shaw Sr., whose son Jamiel Jr. was murdered by an illegal immigrant who had been arrested before said Donald Trump’s comments on illegal immigrant crime “gave us some hope” and he felt “invigorated” on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Shaw said, “I’m feeling invigorated, with Donald Trump, for the first time — people who’ve been murdered by illegal aliens, we feel hope, we feel change coming, and we’re happy that we can get our stories out, we can get mobilized, and start trying to make sure this happens.”

He added, of the attention Trump has brought to the issue, “it’s a beautiful thing. For the first time, since my son was murdered, I just have nothing to feel happy about when it came to politicians. We hear everything about what they’re going to do, then they get in office, they don’t do nothing, and then we have no voice. We have to just live with what’s happening. So, Donald Trump brought in fresh air, Donald Trump gave us some hope, made us think like, ‘Oh, you know, maybe we have a chance to get our country back, or at least make the citizens safe.’ That if you’re going to force this illegal immigration down our throat, at least you owe us the safety part of it to make sure our loved ones aren’t being murdered in the streets. That’s ridiculous.”

Shaw also stated, regarding those who took offense to Trump’s comments “just ask yourself, what would you do if someone did…to one of your loved ones like that? What would you expect? I guarantee you that it changes. It changes when your loved one is in the casket, in the funeral, or inside of the wall of a mausoleum. See, that changes everything. But they ignore that feeling. That’s why they can act like that, because they ignore the fact it could happen to you, too. You’re not immune to this. You know, it can happen to anybody. That’s why we need security, we have to feel safe. How are we going to feel safe if you have criminals beating the system and they’re killing us, it’s obvious they’re killing us, they’re raping us, they’re pillaging the community with all kind[s] of document fraud and no jobs. It’s out of hand. People are tired. We need somebody to come in there and at least try. That’s what Donald Trump is doing. He’s trying, and people — it doesn’t matter if you agree with everything he’s doing, we know by him doing what he’s doing now, that gives you a reason to trust him and to say, ‘You know what? I’m going to be with you. Lead the way. I’m going to be with you, because what you’re doing takes a lot.’ Nobody else is doing it, nobody else is. … Nothing they can say but, ‘Hey, he’s trying.’ So, you got to get behind that.”

Later, Shaw stated, “the president is not immune. He watches TV, he watches the news. He has friends, black friends, white friends. He knows what’s going on, and he’s just ignoring it, and it’s not fair to ignore this kind of death. This kind of death has to be addressed. You cause anarchy, you cause people to lose hope, and try to do it [themselves]…it gets out of hand. Right now, it’s out of hand, you have people committing crimes. Nobody is going to jail for it.And  you hear the president, almost justifying it by not doing nothing. By not doing nothing it’s just as bad as doing it himself.”

Shaw concluded that’s he “bitter” at the system that allows incidents like his son’s murder to keep happening, and “it’s not right, because if they envisioned their son or daughter laying in the street, dead, or going to the pier to have some fun, and they come up dead, man, that’s not acceptable. Why would you be in charge of a country, or politicians you’re in charge of communities, and you know this is going on, and just because you want votes, or you want cheap labor, you allow people to be murdered in the streets. Then when they complain they’re a racist.”

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