Geraldo, Bolling Get Into Heated Battle: ‘I Would Knock You Out’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “The Five,” things got emotional over Donald Trump between show panelists Geraldo Rivera, Eric Bolling and Jesse Watters.

[Relevant material at the 11:46 time mark]

Watters referred to President Barack Obama as a “skinny committee organizer,” which led Geraldo Rivera started to get angry, calling the remark “disrespectful” and saying, “Immigration is like a cheap drug. You get a big bang, a quick high, and a very long hangover.”

But the sparks ignited when Watters said, “It’s not a quick high when people are getting murdered in San Francisco.”

Rivera shot back “That is exploiting the misery of that family.”

Which caused Eric Bolling to quipped “From a guy that exploits and sensationalized everything.”

Rivera threw down his papers as he said, “Are you talking to me?  You’re lucky you’re my friend or I would knock you out right now.”

Bolling said, “We’ll take this up later.”

Rivera yelled, “That is absolute bogus BS.”

A visibly annoyed Kimberly Guilfoyle said, “All right, OK. Control room? We’re going to have a commercial coming up. It’s probably a good time to roll the Bowflex commercial.”

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