King: Kerry ‘Incredibly Arrogant’ Treats Dissenters of Iran Deal Like ‘Dope, Rednecks’

Thursday on AM 970’s “The John Gambling Show,” Rep. Peter King (R-NY) said Secretary of State John Kerry came across as “incredibly arrogant” while pitching his nuclear deal with Iran during his appearances on Capitol Hill this week.

King said, “John Kerry, by the way, I thought  came across incredibly arrogant in every appearance he has made so far. Basically, he is saying if you don’t agree with him you are a dope and you want to go to war. I mean what a way to win people over. Especially when you see so many people in his own party have serious questions.”

He continued, “John Kerry—the whole tone that he has is he knows more than anybody else… Eliot Engel’s questioning of John Kerry was as tough as anyone’s was. And that is what stuck me. Kerry’s tone was there is a like few rednecks somewhere who oppose this deal and anyone with a brain—anyone that knows what’s going on—knows what a good deal it was. And yet, the questions were good questions and they were coming from Democrats.”

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