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Levin: Primetime GOP Debate Was ‘A Reality TV Show’


Talk radio host and author of “Plunder and Deceit,” Mark Levin criticized the first primetime GOP presidential debate as “a reality TV show” on Friday.

Levin stated it was a “missed opportunity” that the debate was “a reality TV show” for the first hour despite the “tremendous candidates.”  He added that only one of the moderators, Bret Baier was the “one serious journalist” and that the debate was “disrespectful” to certain candidates and the audience. And that he felt there was a “ratings agenda.”

Levin did say he didn’t have a problem with the first question, where candidates were asked if they would pledge to support the nominee, whoever it is, and that the 5 pm debate was a strong debate. But, that the debate was “all about the moderators and their network,” and that he didn’t want to hear any further criticisms of talk radio on cable TV.

He continued, that Obama “enjoyed this debate the most last night.” And that he didn’t like “bullies” and “these lies and these attacks on Trump.” Levin stated that the second question was “premeditated” and accused FNC executives of stage-managing the debate.

Levin responded to the counter-argument that the question about Trump’s Twitter spat with Rosie O’Donnell would be asked by Democrats with, “then let the Democrats ask it.” He further criticized that candidates were being “hammered” for being pro-life, and that “when a ‘moderator’ has an agenda he or she should try and at least conceal it somewhat.”

Levin did say that while Trump’s words towards Rosie O’Donnell were “nasty” and that he would never use them, they were cherry-picked, and then played O’Donnell’s comments about Trump to give his remarks “context,” that he argued showed O’Donnell “mocking women” and wondered if Megyn Kelly was as offended over O’Donnell’s comments making fun of Tara Conner. Levin continued that while what Trump said about O’Donnell was “bad,” the question was “unfair,” “non-factual,” and “out of context.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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