TX Police Chief: ‘Radical Groups’ Calling for Police Deaths Are ‘Changing’ the Way We Police

Rowlett, TX Chief of Police Mike Brodnax said “the way we police is changing” because “radical groups out there now, asking for police officers to be killed” on Tuesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson.”

Brodnax stated, “I think the way we police is changing. And with the — some of the radical groups out there now, asking for police officers to be killed, I think it’s going to change how we behave as police officers. And we will probably start requiring backups on just about any calls we make, especially with suspicious people and things like that, and more than one suspect.”

He added, “when you advertise it on Facebook with videos, asking for police officers to be killed, and there are more than one group doing this, and nothing has been done to these groups to shut them down or stop them, then it would give a percentage of the American citizen[s,] who are somewhat criminal themselves, thinking it’s okay to go out and kill police. And I think that’s what’s happening. I don’t think that we can necessarily say, right this minute, that it’s black against white, or anything like that, because right now we’ve had officers shot by white suspects as well as black. So I think there’s just a war on police and that it doesn’t matter which race you are, that’s coming after us. We are now the target.”

Brodnax concluded, “I think we need to nationally support the police in the open, because the groups that are protesting against us are small in number. They don’t represent a large portion of our country. And I believe that 75% of America supports law enforcement, and wants us to do our jobs. and i think it’s time that America’s citizens stand up and support their police. And we need to put these outsourced, anti-police groups down.”

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