Rush: Hewitt’s Questions To Trump ‘Further The Narrative’ Republicans ‘Aren’t Bright’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh argued Hugh Hewitt’s questions to GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump were “designed to further the narrative that Republicans are just not bright” on Friday.

Rush said, while discussing Trump’s interview and George W. Bush’s similar interview, “This was even done to Reagan, folks.  Reagan was running for president.  He and the other candidates were asked if they knew the names of various obscure heads of state. These questions are never asked of Democrats, by the way.  Make note of this: The question that Trump got, Democrats will never get those questions in the normal ebb and flow of things.  Hillary will never get them.  Clinton will never get ’em. Never did.  It’s just… They are questions that are designed to further the narrative that Republicans are just not bright; they’re just not hip. And when it works on one of them, then every other Republican is gonna start getting the same treatment.  For example, if they can expose, say, a Sarah Palin who doesn’t know an answer like this, ‘A-ha! Let’s start asking the others, too.’  So Reagan got questions like this. He was asked to name various obscure heads of state. Reagan’s answer was the best.  Reagan said… I’m paraphrasing.  He said, ‘It doesn’t matter if I know their names.  They need to know mine,’ and that shut it down.  Trump saying, ‘It doesn’t matter. They’re not gonna be there by the time I get inaugurated, and even if they are, in 24 hours I’m gonna know more about these people. Because I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna find the wonks, and I’m gonna find the geeks. I’m gonna find the foreign policy experts are gonna tell me all about this. I’m a delegator. I’m gonna tell ’em to deal with it. We’re gonna deal with it once and for all.  Hamas, Hezbollah, what do you need to know?  They’re terrorist organizations, and they need to be wiped out.  That’s all anybody needs to know,’ and answers like that are gonna resonate.  Trump’s inability to name names or identify certain names? It’s not gonna hurt him with his supporters. ”

(h/t Mediaite)

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