Maher: Trump Is ‘A Little Hitler-Adjacent,’ ‘Teabaggers’ Should Be Re-Educated

HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher argued Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is “a little Hitler-adjacent” and that “teabaggers” should be re-educated on Friday.

Maher said, “Trump was taking questions at his Klan rally in New Hampshire, and he learned a very important lesson, never give the microphone to a man who thinks Donald Trump should be president. Because this guy got up there, and he said to Donald Trump, hey, Obama’s a Muslim. Birth certificate man, he’s not even American, we know that, and the Muslims have training camps here, ready to kill us. What are you going to do about it? You know, there’s been a pet conspiracy theory among the teabaggers for a long time that Obama is setting up re-education camps. I’d like to say tonight, I think he should. Really, we need re-education camps. Because — you know, I try to resist comparisons to Hitler, because there’s only one Hitler. He broke the mold, but, you know what? If you’re stirring up xenophobic hate among an angry, humiliated population, and talking about rounding up minorities, it’s a little Hitler-adjacent. I got to say.”

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