Bolling: I Wouldn’t Vote For a Muslim Who Wouldn’t Say Constitution Overrides Sharia

Fox News Channel host Eric Bolling said that he wouldn’t vote for a Muslim candidate who wouldn’t say the Constitution supersedes Sharia Law on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Bolling stated [relevant remarks begin at 2:27] that while GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson’s remarks were “probably” a mistake, but “stepped up” and said what he believes about his personal preference.

Bolling continued that while citing the Constitution was a mistake, he could go back to his “original part of his idea” that in Islam Sharia Law supersedes governing law, unless someone is willing to denounce Sharia Law superseding the Constitution, he wouldn’t vote for them.

He then weighed in, “unless you’re willing to denounce Sharia Law…I wouldn’t vote for a Muslim either. If there was a Muslim who I loved as a president, and he wasn’t willing to denounce the fact that the Sharia Law supersedes the Constitution, you’ve got to say the Constitution’s over the Sharia Law, or I wouldn’t vote for you.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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