ESPN’s Le Batard: MLB Has ‘Quietest Possible Race War You Could Have in Sports’

On ESPN’s “Highly Questionable” Thursday, co-host Dan Le Batard reacted to a USA Today report which noted that the majority of brawls in Major League Baseball involve different ethnicities, which was published the day after Cleveland Indians infielder Jose Ramirez admired a grand slam a little more than the Minnesota Twins bench liked.

Le Batard, citing the USA Today article, noted that 87 percent of the antagonists in baseball brawls in the last five seasons are from different ethnic backgrounds and then said that MLB is currently having the quietest possible race war that you could ever have in sports” because the white players do not like when the Latino players showboat during games.

“I thought it was 100 percent,” he said. “It feels to me like every time we’re watching this it’s because you’ve got the quietest possible race war that you could ever have in sports happening right in front of you and it doesn’t seem to be that people are noticing it, that it’s always [Indians manager] Terry Francona siding against his own Latin player on the white way to behave. Not the right way to play.  The white way to play because it’s always code. Guys are throwing baseballs at each other and fighting and it’s always different ethnicities and it is only 87 percent. The number sounds low to me.”

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