Fmr Planned Parenthood Manager: Organization ‘Not Interested’ In Healthcare, Views Women ‘As Profit Centers’


Sue Thayer, a former manager for Planned Parenthood, said “Planned Parenthood really does view women as profit centers” and “Planned Parenthood really is not interested in women’s healthcare” on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel.

Thayer, who earlier said before Congress, “Officially Planned Parenthood is a nonprofit, but their main concern is really their bottom line.” stated, “There were many things that happened during the time that I worked there, and clearly, these videos are just the latest proof that Planned Parenthood really does view women as profit centers. And I saw many reasons that — why that happened.”

She continued, “I did ask, actually, what they did with the aborted baby parts. For the first few years that I worked there, they simply went in the Des Moines sewer system, but eventually, they started putting them in little red biohazard bags in the freezer, and I did actually ask, ‘Where do those go?’ Because I kind of had a feeling that might be what they were doing with them, but I never got an answer. But one of the things that they did, daily, for several years while I worked there that really bothered me was Medicaid-eligible women would come in to the clinic for birth control, or supply — any kind of supply or service, and we were trained by our management team to coerce, really, a donation out of them. For example, birth control pills are purchased by Planned Parenthood for $2.98 a cycle, billed to the taxpayers at $35, reimbursed to Planned Parenthood for a little over $26, and then each client pays $10 per cycle, and I knew that that wasn’t right to be actually billing and taking money from Medicaid-eligible women, but it was done there for many years.”

Thayer added, “I felt like I was going to be helping women, and, you know, it’s a small rural community. We did only family planning. I love kids, I thought that that would be a way to meet you know, teenagers, and be more involved in the community, and you know, for a time, a very short time there, I really felt like I was doing a good thing, but over the years, and the many instances that happened, I just — it became more and more clear to me that Planned Parenthood really is not interested in women’s healthcare.”

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