Cruz: Current GOP Leadership Is the ‘Most Effective Dem Leaders We’ve Ever Seen’

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said the current Republican leadership has “passed more Democratic priorities than Harry Reid ever could.”

Cruz said, “Why do you think John Boehner is stepping down? He’s stepping down because the American people are furious with Republican leaders that don’t do what they promised. And it’s interesting, I do town halls all over the country and I asked folks, ‘OK, we have Republican majorities in both houses for ten months now. What on earth are they accomplished?’ Every town hall you do the answer is always ‘absolutely nothing.’ And usually I respond and say, you know what? It’s worse than, that it could have been better if it were nothing. in fact, what the Republican majorities have done, we came back right after the last election, passed a trillion dollar bill filled with corporate welfare. Then Republican leadership and leadership joined with Harry Reid and the Democrats to do that. Then leadership voted to fund Obamacare. Then they voted to fund amnesty. Then they voted to fund Planned Parenthood then Republican leadership took the lead confirming Loretta Lynch as attorney general.”

He continued, “Which one of those decisions is one iota different than what would have happened under Harry Reid and the Democrats? The truth of the matter is Republican leadership are the most effective Democrat leaders we’ve ever seen. They’ve passed more Democratic priorities than Harry Reid ever could.”

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