Dem Rep Sherman: Obama’s ‘Zero Civilian Casualty’ Approach Won’t Beat Islamic State

Friday on MSNBC, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said President Barack Obama’s “zero civilian casualty” approach will not destroy the Islamic State (ISIS).

Sherman said, “Here are some steps the president should be taking. The air campaign we’ve had so far against ISIS has been a “zero civilian casualty” approach. That would have totally failed us in World War II. We have not bombed the oil fields, we have not bombed the tanker convoys that provide ISIS with its money. We should have been willing to do that. It’s true that some of the drivers of those trucks are technically civilians, but so were all of the workers in the munitions factories that we hit during World War II.”

“If you’re working as part of the ISIS war machine and money machine, that is a legitimate target,” he continued. “So, we have to broaden our targets. In addition, I think that you mentioned Senator Feinstein, that her idea of providing additional scrutiny to those with European passports that have visited Iraq, visited Syria, and I would say even have a stamp in their passport visiting Turkey. Right now we have — everybody’s concerned about a few hundred refugees where we spend two years of vetting. We don’t do two minutes of vetting of tourists coming here from Europe.”

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