GOP Rep Kinzinger Criticizes ‘Very Premature’ Assumption of Motive for ‘Evil’ Colorado Springs Shooting

Representative Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) criticized the “very premature” assigning of motivation for the shooting at a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, adding that if the shooter did target Planned Parenthood ” he has taken a legitimate disagreement with the practice, and turned it into an evil response” on CNN on Friday.

Kinzinger said that the statement Planned Parenthood’s regional director that mentioned “extremists” creating “a poisonous environment that creates domestic terrorism” “was very premature. We may find out that this person was targeting Planned Parenthood. If we find out that he was not targeting Planned Parenthood, I would fully expect an apology from the Planned Parenthood director for saying that. But regardless, if somebody is targeting Planned Parenthood, it’s not indicative of what folks that are opposed to some of the practices Planned Parenthood commits, how we feel. You know, we saw these barbaric videos, and that was something many of us have a legitimate concern about. That doesn’t mean that we’re going to take guns and walk into Planned Parenthood clinics. Obviously, this is a person that has a mental health issue that’s to some level, psychotic and crazy. And if he’s targeting Planned Parenthood, and again, we don’t know. If he is, he has taken a legitimate disagreement with the practice, and turned it into an evil response, which is to go in and shoot people. But again, we don’t know that answer yet, and I’m sure we’ll be finding out shortly. ”

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