Cruz: Obama and Clinton ‘Have No Intention of Even Trying’ To Defeat Islamic State

Texas Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz declared that President Obama and Hillary Clinton “have no intention of even trying” to defeat ISIS on Tuesday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

Cruz stated, “it is abundantly clear that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton can’t defeat ISIS, because they have no intention of even trying. They won’t even acknowledge the enemy. I mean, Hillary Clinton at the last Democratic debate went out of her way to refuse to say the words, ‘radical Islamic terrorism.’ What we need, Sean — yes, we can defeat ISIS with a strong commander-in-chief. If I am elected president, I will make unequivocally clear to the world we will destroy ISIS. Now how can we do so? We should do so, number one, with overwhelming air power. In the first Persian Gulf War, we launched roughly 1100 air attacks a day, for 37 days, pulverized the Iraqi Army. It then took 36 hours for our troops to mop up what was left of it. Right now, today Obama is launching 15 to 30 air attacks a day. It’s a pinprick, it’s a photo op foreign policy. And the second thing we ought to be doing is arming the Kurds. The Kurds are fighting ISIS. They are our allies. They are effective fighters. The Kurds, are, in a very real sense, our boots on the ground. And yet, the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton is sadly in this mix. They refuse to arm the Kurds for political reasons because it would upset Baghdad. That doesn’t make any sense.”

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