San Bernardino Terrorist’s Fellow Congregant: ‘We Don’t Like Donald Trump’

SAN BERNARDINO, California – A regular attendee of the mosque attended by San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook has told Breitbart News that the congregation “don’t like Donald Trump”.

Mr. Shehata, who was speaking at a press conference inside the mosque today was asked by Breitbart News what political opinions the congregation expressed, after commenting during the official press conference that he felt his fellow Muslims were “normal” people who had political opinions.

After the press conference in the Dar Al Uloom Al Islamiyah of America centre in northern San Bernardino, Breitbart News caught up with Mr. Shehata, asking him what he meant by “political opinions”.

“I know where you’re going,” he said. “We don’t have any pro-ISIS,” he added, before being asked about American politics.

“We talk like why an American go and shoot people in the movie theatre it goes on the news for two days and the say he’s crazy. And when a Muslim does the same thing we say he’s a terrorist and we talk about it for two weeks, like this story’s going to stay on TV for two weeks.

“So more like current affairs, not like partisan politics?” he was asked.

“We talk about Donald Trump, we talk about the election,” he volunteered, “We are like any other Americans. We have opinions. But we don’t have any extreme opinions, we don’t have any hatred for nobody. We don’t want anybody to be killed.”

“What do you say about Donald Trump,” Breitbart News asked.

“We don’t like him,” Mr. Shehata – who says he attends the mosque three times a day, replied.

Mr. Shehata was held up by the mosque’s leaders, during the press conference, as a devout attendee who could give more insider information about the mosque and its congregation.

He said during the press conference: “I know everybody here. And nobody here is having extremist ideas, including Rizwan (Syed Farook) by the way.

Mr. Shehata told reporters that he had seen Syed Farook’s wife, once, in a car, wearing a niqab so her face was covered. “We don’t know how she looks like,” he said.

“After he came back from Saudi Arabia he wanted to do a reception for food. A friend of mine cooked for him and took the food to Riverside mosque… that’s last year.”


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