Stephen A: Cowboys Head Coach Jason Garrett ‘Walking Epitome’ of the Unfairness ‘Black Folks’ Feel

stephen a smith

On Thursday’s broadcast of “First Take” on ESPN2, co-host Stephen A. Smith discussed the state of the 4-8 Dallas Cowboys after many predicted the Cowboys to make it to the playoffs.

The Cowboys have been ridden with injuries, losing top cornerback Orlando Scandrick for the season before it began, losing star wide receiver Dez Bryant for five games and star quarterback Tony Romo missing 11 games.

Smith suggested that the only reason Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett has not been fired for poor performance of his team is because of his relationship with the team’s owner Jerry Jones, which he stated is a “rare” “luxury” for a black coach in America. He also added that Garrett is the “walking epitome” of the “frustration,” “disgust,” “unfairness” and “proverbial glass ceiling” that blacks “allude to.”

“We understand that Tony Romo is important. The quarterback position is important. You can’t lose, but how in God’s name do you go 0-7? 0-7? You can’t win a couple of games? Anybody else would have been fired. But somehow Jason Garrett keeps his job. You know why he’s got his job? Because the owner loves him.”

“All I’m saying to you is that, what’s another person supposed to do with that? It’s not about my credentials. It’s not about my education. It’s not about what I’ve accomplished. It’s not about what I know. ‘Oh, I’m friends with the owner who’s like a father to me, so I get to keep my job.’ I’m sorry, ladies and gentlemen, but it is rare in America that a black man has that luxury. And that is the problem. Jason Garrett is the walking epitome of the frustration and the disgust and the unfairness and the proverbial glass ceiling that black folks continuously allude to that never come their way. It’s a damn shame that this man is the head coach of this team, considering nothing but his record.”

He then added that Garrett “enjoys” a “significant privilege.”

“I don’t know him personally. I’m not taking anything away from him. I hear he’s a wonderful man. he seems that way. God bless him and his family.  I’m not wishing anything. I’m just saying that the benefits that he enjoys is one of significant privilege,” Smith said.

“Only reason I bring the black-white element into it is I am challenging when has a black coach had the benefit of such a relationship with an owner? You can say [Bengals coach] Marvin Lewis. Marvin Lewis has been to the playoffs six times.”

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