Michael Savage: Trump ‘Needed Palin Like a Hole in the Head’

Tuesday on his radio show, talk show host Michael Savage reacted to the news that former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) would be endorsing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump at a rally in Ames, IA.

Savage was not complimentary of Trump accepting Palin’s gesture and said he needed the endorsement “like a hole in the head.”

“Stop the music,” Savage said. “Oh this is earth-shaking. Oh it’s earth-shaking – Sarah Palin just endorsed Donald Trump. Oh I can sleep better. That’s so important – Sarah Palin endorses Donald Trump. That’s smart. Just what he needed. Now I can rest, I can sleep much better tonight. The very day they could have taken Hillary down on the email thing, they put up this — I have no words for this. I’m afraid we’re seeing the meltdown now of the campaign where they’re turning to the very same people who destroyed Romney. They’re undermining him from within. He’s not listening to those who know what he can do. They’re listening to the professional advisers and it happens to every campaign just at this point. Just when they’re about to win, they lose. He needed Palin like a hole in the head.”

“I’m sorry, I think it’s a neg,” he continued. “Why he did this is a matter of conjecture. But however, my friends, what does he think she will bring to the party? God forbid he selects her as a running mate. That’s the end of the campaign. Over, over. It’s official. You can sleep better at night. ISIS is quaking in their robes. Sarah Palin just endorsed Donald Trump. Isn’t that wonderful? She endorsed him in Iowa. I don’t understand why that matters. I think it is of no value or absolute negative value.”

(h/t The Right Scoop)

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