FNC’s Stacey Dash Blasts Double Standard of Oscars Outrage: No Need for BET, Image Awards

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” while discussing the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that involves a boycott of the Academy Awards by filmmaker Spike Lee and actress Jada Pinkett Smith, actress and commentator Stacey Dash took aim at awards like the BET and Image awards that cater to solely African-Americans.

Dash said, “The real issue is there aren’t enough opportunities for us, people of color, to have roles were it warrants us winning an Oscar. My second point of view is, either you want to be segregated or you want to be integrated. If you want to be integrated you don’t need to have things like BET or the BET Awards, or the Image awards, where you have to be black in order to win these because if white people did that everyone would be up in arms. So either you’re going to become an American and just be an American, a part of society and a part of Hollywood, or you’re going to separate it and deal with this kind of issue.”

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