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Exclusive—NFL Great Burgess Owens: The Left Destroyed Strong Black Communities

A member of the 1980-1981 Oakland Raiders Super Bowl winning team told Breitbart News at the Conservative Political Action Conference that it is time for African-Americans to reclaim their traditional conservatism. “Today’s generation has been trained to think differently from my generation. We would stand for the flag in a heartbeat—because we realized the opportunities we had,” said Burgess Owens on Thursday.


Stacey Dash Fires Back: ‘BET Lies to Black People’

Fox News contributor Stacey Dash created quite the controversy this week when she suggested that black entertainers who support self-segregation–à la BET and Black History Month–are hypocrites for trashing the lack of black Oscar nominees. Now Dash is hitting back against her critics.

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Hollywood Hate: White Man Tells Stacey Dash She’s Not Black

The mushrooming media frenzy over the lack of black Oscar nominations continued Wednesday with a verbal assault on actress and Fox News contributor Stacey Dash after she suggested that black entertainers be consistent in their calls to end segregation in Hollywood.


BET Founder: Studios Should Be Willing to Lose Money for Diversity

Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder Robert L. “Bob” Johnson weighed-in on the race controversy surrounding this year’s Oscar nominations on Tuesday, and suggested film studios should be willing to relinquish profits in order to ensure more diversity in film.


BET’s Cane: Congress More Diverse Than Oscar Voters ‘Disturbing’

Black Entertainment Network personality Clay Cane spoke on MSNBC Saturday about diversity in Hollywood. Cane noted that black actors used to not be “sellable” in movies. He said he wished that Hollywood would notice that black movies like Tyler Perry movies

clay cane

Actor Anthony Mackie Faces Backlash for Endorsing Trump

Actor Anthony Mackie endorsed Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump Monday during a promotional interview with BET for his new film Our Brand Is Crisis, and was immediately vilified online for being black and embracing conservative ideas.

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