Watch: When Bugs Bunny Beat Hitler

Ynetnews reports: About 9,300 kilometers separate Los Angeles and Berlin, and in the 1930s – long before the age of the internet, the cell phone and jet planes – the distance seemed even greater.

Nonetheless, there were those in California who had their eye on Germany, and in particular on its residents. Despite the national humiliation of World War One and the massive inflation, the country’s cinema industry continued to be the most productive and developed in the world.

German cinema-goers were the most educated to be found – perhaps because their love of film gave them some hope.

Germany in the 1930s had the UFA studio and groundbreaking directors such as Fritz Lang and F.W. Murnau, but many in Hollywood saw in the impoverished Depression-era German population a vast potential audience for Hollywood’s output – even as the specter of Nazi Germany reared its head.



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