Jindal: Trump Will ‘Never Be Able to Convince’ Me He’s Conservative

Thursday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” former Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) said Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump won’t convince him that he’s a “conservative,” therefore he should start naming “trusted, principled conservatives” he would nominate for his cabinet.

“You used many great analogies, but hopefully this is the week Donald Trump jumps the shark,” Jindal said. “I’m old enough to remember that I don’t know if viewers remember Fonzy jumping the shark. Hopefully this is the week, whether it was the ridiculous comments about abortion, whether it was his campaign manager getting arrested. Who knows? He seems to bounce back from all of these things. I’m not a fan of Donald Trump. There’s still time to beat him.”

“But obviously I’m going to support my party’s nominee,” he continued. “I don’t think we can afford Hillary Clinton in office. One thing that Donald Trump can do. He’ll never be able to convince somebody like me in the time he’s got left he’s a conservative. He won’t convince somebody like me, who is a serious policy guy. What he can start doing is saying who are the types of people he’d put around him, who would he appoint as secretary of defense, secretary of state. Show us he’s willing to tap trusted, principled conservatives. You’re never going to convert people like me into being fans of Donald Trump. At least show people he’ll have real conservatives around him.”

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