Watch: Rove in Heated Exchange While Defending ‘Fresh Face’ Comment

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Republican strategist Karl Rove got into a heated back and forth with guest host Charles Payne over Rove’s comments that a “fresh face” coming from a contested convention could help the GOP beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.

The interview became combative when Payne attempted to blame Rove for the last two Republican presidential losses.

Rove said that was “baloney” and that the Republicans won the elections in which he was directly involved, saying, “You know what? I wasn’t the campaign manager. I wasn’t in charge. I was a loyal soldier. I wanted both John McCain and Mitt Romney to win, but thank you for blaming me for their defeat. But that’s a bunch of baloney and we know it … I’m willing to take responsibility if I’m in charge but I wasn’t in charge of the last two presidential campaigns.”

In discussing why he felt Trump should not be the nominee, Rove said, “I want the Republican Party to win, and a man with a 30 percent favorable and 63 percent unfavorable and whose numbers are getting worse — they have deteriorating significantly from February. And every time I hope that he will turn around and show us that he can be presidential and do something to show us he can be capable of winning the general election, he offends more people and says more stupid stuff.”

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