WH Spox: Obama’s Knowledge of Investigation Into Hillary’s Emails ‘Based Entirely on Public Reporting’

Monday at the White House press briefing, when asked about President Barack Obama’s remarks to Fox News that his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, had not jeopardized national security, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said the president only knows what has been publicly reported on the FBI investigation into Clinton’s handling of classified information on her private email server.

Earnest said  “The president has neither sought nor received a confidential briefing or confidential information about the ongoing investigation. The president’s knowledge about this situation is based entirely on public reporting. This is one of the benefits of the approach that Secretary Clinton and her team have taken to dealing with this matter. Secretary Clinton said, well, let’s just make all the emails public. All of you in your news organizations have spent — God knows how many hours — reviewing all those emails.”

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