WATCH: Abbas’ Fatah Party Posts Video Instructing Palestinians To Stab Israelis, Become Martyrs

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TEL AVIV – Two days after the bus bombing in Jerusalem, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement posted a chilling video on its Facebook page calling on young Palestinians to become martyrs by carrying out stabbing attacks against Israelis.

The 9-minute video, titled “Martyrdom-seeking unites us,” features a staged car-ramming and stabbing attack. Three young Palestinians are seen planning and carrying out the attack. They kill two Israeli soldiers by ramming their car into one of them and stabbing the other.

Palestinian Media Watch published a clip of the video here:

All three assailants in the video are killed by the soldiers, instantly turning them into martyrs. The song playing in the background includes the lyrics, “There is no God but Allah, and the Shahid (martyr) is Allah’s beloved.”

On Wednesday, Breitbart Jerusalem reported that while Abbas conveyed messages of peace and non-violence, both on Israeli television and in Germany, his Fatah party continued to glorify terrorism.

Abbas reacted to news of the bus explosion by denouncing “all forms of terrorism” while on a visit to Germany to meet with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Earlier this month, he appeared on Israel’s Channel 2 in a rare interview, expressing his wish for peace with Israelis. He denied that his leadership is inciting Palestinian youth to violence. He explained how Palestinian security forces searched schoolchildren for knives and other weapons meant for attacking Israelis.

“In one school we found 70 boys and girls carrying knives. We took the knives from them, talked to them and told them it was a mistake,” he said.

Abbas later reiterated his belief that “the future is peace.”

Meanwhile, spokesmen for the Fatah movement called Monday’s bus bombing “a natural response” and “good news of a victory.”




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