Boxer: Fiorina VP Pick Shows ‘Ted Cruz Has No Judgment Whatsoever’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) said Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, (R-TX) has shown he has “no judgment whatsoever by choosing” Carly Fiorina as a running mate.

Boxer said, “[S]he has now agreed to be the vice presidential running mate of Ted Cruz, who, as I understand it, does not have the nomination yet, but that aside, he has one of the worst records on women’s issues. He would make it a crime for women to exercise her reproductive freedom, even in the cases of rape and incest. He has not supported raising women’s wages for the same jobs as men. And when she talks about how qualified she is, she hasn’t held office, any office, be it Senate, House, state legislature, local government, not a minute’s worth. And her claim to fame is running a large corporation, which she practically destroyed, Hewlett-Packard, the pride of California. The fact is, the stock went down 50% under her leadership. So, all of her comments are off base, including saying that Hillary Clinton says ‘Vote for me because I’m a woman.’ Hillary Clinton says the opposite. She says, ‘Don’t vote for me because I’m a woman, understand we will make history, but vote for me because of what I stand for.’ So, the whole thing is disingenuous. It just shows that Ted Cruz has no judgment whatsoever, by choosing her.”

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