Cruz: ‘Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton View Indiana as Flyover Territory’

On Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel, Republican presidential candidate Texas Senator Ted Cruz stated that “Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton view Indiana as flyover territory.”

Cruz said, [relevant remarks begin around 6:20] “Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton view Indiana as flyover territory. This is not a place they would ever go. In their view, America is New York City and Washington, DC, and it is the elites and the rich and the powerful. I think the values of Indiana are the values of America. And it gives me great comfort that this primary is going to be decided by the Midwestern common sense of the Hoosier State. And I don’t think they’re interested in some bully who yells and screams, and doesn’t have any real policy solutions.”

He later added that some delegate counts, including the Associated Press’, were “bogus,” because they gave all of Pennsylvania’s unbound delegates to Trump.

Cruz also stated, “[T]he reason that Donald is so desperately trying to get his media acolytes to say, this is over, this is over, this is over, is because Donald cannot earn the support of a majority [of delegates]. He wants to change the rules, so you don’t need a majority. Listen, if you can’t get the support of the majority of delegates, you can’t unite this party, and you can’t win in November.”

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