Eleanor Clift and Clarence Page: Dem Primary Process Is Rigged

The Daily Beast’s Eleanor Clift and Chicago Tribune Editorial Board member Clarence Page described the Democratic Party’s primary process as rigged on Friday’s “McLaughlin Group.”

After columnist and author Pat Buchanan said of Democratic presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), “I think he’s going to say it was a rigged process. I think he’ll endorse Hillary. But it was a rigged process, Eleanor.” Page stated, “[T]he rigged process was designed –” before Clift cut in, “Yes, she didn’t rig the process. I mean, she was a victim of these rules four years ago. So, he leaves some– eight years ago. She leaves some — he leaves some mistaken impressions.”

Page added, “And it was an uphill climb for Obama eight years ago because of these rules. Hillary had all those superdelegates initially and he had to earn his, the gains that he made and the nomination. Bernie faced the same challenge.”

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