The Atlantic’s Molly Ball: Dem Infighting Has Gotten ‘A Lot Worse’

Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” The Atlantic’s Molly Ball said the infighting inside the Democratic party over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) continuing his candidacy when the front-runner Hillary Clinton has almost mathematical secured the nomination has “gotten lot worse.”

When asked about the “family fight” in the Democratic party right now, Ball said, “I think it’s gotten lot worse. I’ve been surprised at the level of acrimony. The Clinton campaign believes this is not a significant obstacle once we get to the general election, that part of the reason it’s become so acrimonious that the last sort of hard core that clings to losing candidate is always going to be the more ardent and bitter and unable to see reality, perhaps. But it has — we saw with Nevada convention, the really ugly things being hurled at the state chairwoman by the Bernie Sanders supporters. I think that shows you that — going back to the question do Democrats go home and Republicans go home. It’s a different question for Hillary Clinton than that because so much of Bernie Sanders support has come from independents in open primaries. She doesn’t have to only bring in — to bring in supporters doesn’t need to bring home democrats but lot independents and lot of young people who may never have voted before who have been absolutely immune to her charms in this Democratic primary.”

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