Adam Carolla Rips HuffPo’s Michelle Fields for Playing a Victim — ‘Crazy Bitch’

Adam Carolla
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Tuesday on his daily podcast, comedian Adam Carolla reacted to the news of former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields having been recently hired by the Huffington Post to cover the Donald Trump campaign.

After reviewing the March incident involving Fields, in which she alleged Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski had grabbed her and had resulted in her bruising, Carolla hammered Fields who he deemed to be a “crazy bitch” during the Gina Grad news segment of the podcast.

He later declared, “Good, fuck her,” when it was revealed that Fields’ Breitbart colleagues at the time didn’t believe her account of the incident.

Partial transcript as follows:

GRAD: So the reporter, she left Breitbart after her colleagues openly attacked her account of being manhandled by Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, has been hired by the Huffington Post, reports The Hill. Starting Monday, Fields will go once again covering this year’s election with a special emphasis on Donald Trump and the GOP. Now, however, she’ll be doing it for the most famously liberal website after years spent working for conservative outlets like Breitbart and The Daily Caller. In April, Fields left Breitbart after the site advanced various alternative explanations of what happened with Lewandowski. She said, “I can’t stand by an organization that won’t stand by me.” So now she is at HuffPo.

CAROLLA: Why should we stand by this crazy bitch? Nothing happened to her and she’s turning herself into a victim, which I get the new narrative. Again, not a big fan of turning everyone into victims. Never seen any victims have success. As a matter of fact you can’t have success if you’re a victim. You know, I’m a super successful self-made victim. We make you into a victim and then you cannot have success.

GRAD: Right.

CAROLLA: And the more people we can convince, that we can talk into the narrative that they’re victims, the less successful people we’re going to have. But we’ve made convincing everyone they’re a victim into a full-time gig, which is a weird thing to me because I thought the whole deal was we do not – when somebody has a physical injury, disability – when somebody says I’ve lost a limb, nobody says, “Well call it a life. Would you like to eat a bullet or would you like to poison yourself? No, everyone goes, “That’s alright. That’s OK. You’re going to have to work twice as hard as the guy next to you. But we’ll get into rehab, we’ll get into stuff together and you’re still going to have a good life. We’ll still get you fitted with a prosthetic whatever and a special van. But if emotionally if you’re a victim, like if you’re born and your parents aren’t rich or you’re the wrong skin tone or maybe the wrong gender or sexual proclivity, now you’re ruined for life? You can never get ahead in our society or some guy in a fucking blazer touched you on the shoulder and you’re broken now.

GRAD: Well, that was the thing. I remember when she was on, she showed some bruising on her arm. She was quite upset this person had even put his hands on her. Breitbart was not having it. And certainly wasn’t standing by her.

CAROLLA: Good, fuck her. Jesus Christ. And look, anybody can pose for any picture and show some whatever. Like Bryan, if I take a picture of you where you squint your right eye just a little bit and pout a lot, it will look like, “Yeah, you can see he backhanded me.”

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