CNN’s Burnett: Member of Orlando Shooter’s Mosque ‘Worried That There Could Be Others’ at Mosque


CNN’s “OutFront” host Erin Burnett reported on Tuesday that a member of the mosque attended by the perpetrator of the Pulse nightclub terrorist attack “worried that there could be others in the same mosque.”

Burnett said, “I was at that mosque…yesterday. A member there, who knew them both said he didn’t know they were radicalized, he now worried that there could be others in the same mosque. As you know, it’s a very small Muslim community there in the Fort Pierce area. Are you worried that there are others?”

Representative Alan Grayson (D-FL), who Burnett was interviewing, responded, “Well, there’s no evidence of that at this time, but we’re counting on the FBI and local law enforcement to do a very thorough job, and they are doing a very thorough job. They’re speaking to anybody who steps forward, anybody who likely had any contact with him. They’re going through his phone records. They’re going through his social media accounts. they’re doing — basically contacting everybody, and that would, of course, include people at his mosque.”

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