Gorka: Obama Lives in ‘Fantasy World’ on the Subject of ISIS

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” Breitbart News National Security editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka, author of “Defeating Jihad: The Winnable War,” criticized President Barack Obama for his handling of the terror threat from ISIS.

In the appearance along with Daniel Silva, Gorka told fill-in host Eric Bolling that Obama lived in a “fantasy world” when it comes to that threat.

Transcript as follows:

BOLLING: Welcome back to HANNITY. The terror threat is not going away as a new report on Islamic extremism highlights. According to the Associated Press, 350 people were killed during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which just ended. But does President Obama understand the threat we face? Joining me now with reaction is author of “Defeating Jihad, The Winnable War,” the distinguished chair of military theory at Marine Corps University, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, and author of the new book “The Black Widow,” which goes on sale next week, Daniel Silva. Start with you, Dr. Gorka. Does President Obama understand the threat, yes or no?

SEBASTIAN GORKA, MARINE CORPS UNIVERSITY: Clearly, his whole administration has no idea about who the enemy is and what they wish to achieve. All we have is a bubble that wraps this administration in the cocoon that separates them from reality.

Remember, this is the administration whose deputy spokesperson for the State Department said all the Jihadis need are jobs. That’s Marie Harf. We will be safe if there are jobs for Jihadis. This is the administration that said love is our best weapon against people who slaughter Americans in nightclubs in Orlando. No, there’s a reality that you and I live in, Eric, and every American, and then there’s the Alice in Wonderland fantasy that the administration lives in.

BOLLING: Mr. Silva, during the month of Ramadan, I guess devout Muslims who kill jihadists, who kill nonbelievers, get extra blessings from Islam, is that right?

DANIEL SILVA, “THE BLACK WIDOW” AUTHOR: That is my understanding of it. Can you imagine, the Islamic world has gone so badly off the rails that this is the situation we’re in? Can you imagine, it’s the second night of Passover, look out for the Jews, or it’s Good Friday, here come those terrible Christians? It’s an unbelievable month of terrorism that ISIS pulled off.

I guess I would differentiate from the learned Dr. Gorka on one aspect of what he said. I think that Obama and his administration understand the threat very, very well. They just have a different approach to it. He’s telegraphed that time and time again. I mean, if you go back and look at his words, he says that ISIS can’t destroy us, they can’t defeat us, they don’t produce anything. He told Bob Woodward very early in his administration that we could absorb another 9/11. I’m a resident of the tri-state area and Washington, D.C. We cannot absorb another 9/11.

And then after the first Paris attacks, he referred to the four Jews who were killed in the kosher supermarket as a bunch of folks who were killed in a deli.

BOLLING: So how is that understanding jihad, how is that understanding terror if he makes these statements? Clearly, he has no idea the threat level.

SILVA: He chooses at every opportunity to play down the threat, to redefine what happened.

BOLLING: That’s dangerous.

SILVA: I’m not defending it.

BOLLING: I know you’re not.

Dr. Gorka, what about the moderate Muslim community? Where are they? Why aren’t they speaking up? What is it in the religion that prevents them from saying something, see something, say something?

GORKA: Great question. We don’t have time for a theological discourse here, but one of the greatest sins in Islam is the sin of Fitna, f-i-t-n-a, and Fitna is giving the appearance that the Islamic world is not unified and you are sowing discord. So the idea one Muslim stands up and says what Abu Bakr is doing and ISIS is wrong is actually potentially a great sin for the individual doing the criticism because they are telegraphing to the world that Muslims aren’t united.

So this is an actual pre-Islamic issue. It’s about tribal cohesion. It’s an ancient pressure, and it really stops a lot of Muslims who would like to say something from saying something because they will be cast out as un-Islamic. This is a huge problem, Eric.

BOLLING: Mr. Silva, under President Obama, has the United States become more safe from terror or more — under more risk from terror in the last seven and a half years?

SILVA: I think that any objective observer of the region would say that the situation is worse now than it was seven or eight years ago. From end to end, the Middle East is in chaos. ISIS has spread into several different countries.

Does ISIS have the ability to carry out a directed mass causality event in the United States? We don’t know, but we don’t know what we don’t know. And it might be a distinction without a difference. This gentleman killed 50 people in Orlando. That is more than three suicide attackers —

BOLLING: We don’t know, Mr. Silva, but we do know he did take credit and he did say he did it for al Baghdadi and ISIS. So we’re going to have to leave it right there. Thank you, gentlemen, very much.

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