FL AG Pam Bondi: ‘Trump Believes Terrorists Deserve to Die’


CLEVELAND, OH — Wednesday night and the Republican National Convention, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, who was an early endorser Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, compared Trump to presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on the issue of terrorism.

Bondi told the audience that Trump believed “terrorists deserve to die,” whereas Clinton saw them as deserving “our respect and empathy.”

Remarks as follows:

November 8 is a day of reckoning for all those who have abused their power. It is the day that we the people will take back our government. From Washington bureaucrats playing doctor with our health care. To a President who’s been playing fast and loose with our constitutional rights and Russian roulette with our borders.

November 8, is when America feels safe again, when America wins again. Because winning this election means reclaiming something to which I’ve dedicated my entire career: the rule of law. Laws that make our neighborhoods safe, and our economy strong. Laws that apply equally to everyone. Laws that back our law enforcement, now more than ever, because they have our backs.

But today, these laws are under siege by a President determined to ignore laws he doesn’t like, and by a former Secretary of State who believes the laws don’t apply to her. By the way, she also deserves no security clearance. This lawlessness must stop. Donald Trump will stop it. He’ll roll back Obama’s unconstitutional executive orders.

He’ll enforce immigration laws to keep us safe, while allowing legal immigrants to bless this nation with their talents and their dreams. He’ll take control of our borders, because we must stop the flow of cocaine and heroin coming into our country and killing our kids. Then there’s this. Hillary believes our enemies deserve our respect and empathy. Donald Trump believes terrorists deserve to die.

Hillary will stack the Supreme Court with liberal justices who will allow government to continue its rampage against our individual rights, with utter contempt for our Second Amendment. I know Donald. He will appoint conservative justices who will defend, rather than rewrite, our Constitution. Are you ready to send ISIS a message that we’re really coming after them? When Donald Trump is President, he will.

On November 8, remember this: If you believe in limited government… If you believe in our historic constitutional rights… If you believe in the rule of law… If you believe it’s time for America to start acting like America again… There is only one choice in this election: Donald Trump. America’s for Trump. And so am I.

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