Clinton Camp: ‘Very Frightening’ Trump Encouraging Russia to Influence Outcome of the Election

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” while commenting on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump joking that Russia should hack his rival Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails, Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook said he found it “very frightening” that Trump was encouraging foreign powers to try to “influence the outcome of the election.”

Mook said, “I think what’s very disturbing about this entire situation is first that there’s a foreign power, aggressively breaking in to data systems trying to apparently influence the out come of the campaign, but then we saw the other day that Donald Trump made comments to actually encouraging more of this behavior, more espionage in the race. I think every voter needs to take note of this and I find it very frightening that any presidential campaign for any reason is encouraging this kind of behavior. That’s not becoming of someone who is trying to become our commander chief and president of the United States.”

He added, “Trump said this was a joke after it came under pressure. I’m not quite sure how credible that is. Look, he’s running to be president of the United States, the person in charge of all of our armed forces, the person in charge of our entire national security apparatus. Espionage is never a laughing matter and in fact, this is not a political issue. I don’t want to get this confused with the back and forth about economic issues or anything else. This is a matter of national security now and I find it very frightening that Donald Trump is encouraging any foreign power to breach a campaign and try to influence the outcome of the election.”

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