Sean Hannity: WSJ’s Bret Stephens ‘a Dumbass With His Head Up His Ass’

Friday on his radio show, conservative talker Sean Hannity responded in detail to The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editorial page editor Bret Stephens, who had referred to Hannity as Fox News Channel’s “dumbest anchor” in a tweet that included a link to a story that detailed Hannity expressing his frustration with some Republicans that had been critical of their party’s presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Hannity had rattled off a number of his own tweets in response to Stephens, referring to his as a “dumbass” and an “asshole.”

Hannity expanded on those attacks on his show, once again calling Stephens a “dumbass,” but adding that he had “his head up his ass” as well.

“So you have this arrogant elitist typical individual writing for the prestigious Wall Street Journal and his 21,000 Twitter followers – he seems incapable of understanding the plight of these people, the danger of record debt, deficits and unfunded liabilities, incapable of recognizing the danger of open borders,” Hannity said.

“This is an elitist that with all his purity towards the Republican Party – you know, I’m the dumb one,” he added. “Well, he’s a dumbass with his head up his ass because this is why this country is in decline.”

Stephens has been vocal in his opposition to Trump. Back in May, he said that Trump must be defeated so badly in the upcoming presidential election that Republican voters “learn their lesson.”

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