Bret Stephens

NY Times Op-Ed: Deport Americans, Invite Migrants

America belongs to immigrants because immigrants make the nation more powerful, says a former Wall Street Journal writer who is now working for the New York Times. Immigrants produce more babies, work harder, create more jobs, and have more ideas, claims the revealing


Liberal New York Times Subscribers Canceling in Droves over Anti-Global Warming Column

After becoming the darling of the left with his long list of stark, never-Trump columns, writer Bret Stephens has become a sudden pariah among his newfound fans by writing a column that mildly questioned the validity of global warming. And now, after months of celebrating him as a “sensible” Republican, New York Times readers are canceling their subscriptions in droves over his “climate denying” article.

Bret Stephens (Richard Drew / Associated Press)

Politico: Rise of Trump Caused ‘Identity Crisis,’ Feuding, and Firings at the Wall Street Journal

Eliana Johnson details in Politico magazine how the rise of Donald Trump caused “an identity crisis” for the once venerable arbiters of conservatism on the Wall Street Journal editorial board. Trump’s populism and economic nationalism clashed with the Journal’s globalist open borders and free market absolutism, and his election to the presidency ultimately relegated the Journal’s anti-Trump conservative pundits to the “sidelines” of political influence.