Rob Reiner: Trump’s Comments Dangerous Because His Followers Have ‘Violent Nature’


Tuesday night on “CNN Tonight,” while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments about the Second Amendment and his opponent, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, former actor and director Rob Reiner said the real danger in Trump’s words are that his followers “have a violent nature, and a violent streak.”

Reiner said, “I can’t believe we’re having a conversation. That we are having a conversation about this kind of talk from a man who is running for president of the United States. The volume of idiocy that comes out of his mouth, you can’t wrap your mind around it. First, he said let’s have a foreign country spy on this country, then he demeans a Gold Star family, now he’s recommending assassination as a remedy for a political redress. It’s crazy, and the fact that we’re even having this conversation and that this man is running for president, we’re living in some kind of a dream world, I think.”

He added, “Well, it’s dangerous because of the types of followers that he has. I mean it’s no secret that there are a lot of white supremacist and neo-Nazi groups that support him. Those people have a violent nature, and a violent streak, and they want to redress things with violence. So when you have a candidate that says things like, you know, ‘I could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and it wouldn’t change anybody’s opinion of me,’ and he incites violence at his rallies, and he has these kinds of followers it’s very, very scary. My wife is the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, and these are the kinds of things that we’ve heard in the past. My aunt is a Holocaust survivor. When we hear this kind of rhetoric, and we know it’s supported by these kinds of racist, violent groups, even if Donald Trump doesn’t mean it, even if he’s going the try to walk it back and say, ‘I was joking,’ You are sending — it’s not a dog whistle, it’s a dog mega phone. It’s a dog, I don’t know what, to these groups and you don’t know what they’re capable of. It’s very, very scary.”

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