Halperin: I’d Be ‘Terrified’ If I Was Involved In Hillary’s Debate Prep, Trump Has Problem On Substance and Knowledge


On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin reviewed Wednesday’s Commander-in-Chief Forum by stating that he would be “terrified” if he was involved in Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s debate prep, while GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s performance on substance and knowledge “should be a real caution for his people,” and “Neither of them rose to the occasion of what we need in the next president, I don’t think.”

Halperin stated, “I think you saw last night the limits of these two candidates. Each of them has their own kind of limits. I thought her stylistic performance, if I were involved in her debate preparation, I’d be terrified if she replicates that in the debates. Substance matters, issues matters, intelligence, knowledge, these matter most of all. And his performance on those points, I think, should be a real caution for his people, because I think there will be, not only more time in debates, but more of the kind of questions you’re talking about. One of these two will probably be president in January, and, again, I think, as a country and as a profession in the media, we need to figure out how to have more moments, not just the three debates, but more moments like last night. So one of these two at least improves. John Podhoretz’s column in the New York Post today, I thought was the best thing I read about what happened last night. This was a really discouraging moment for the country, I think, to see the two of them, and the people who like Trump will say she was worse. The people who like Clinton will say he was worse. Neither of them rose to the occasion of what we need in the next president, I don’t think. I hope they do, going forward, but they didn’t last night.”

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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