Frank Luntz: Tonight Was So Significant That Trump ‘Is Back in This Race’

Sunday after the second presidential debate on the Fox News Channel, following a segment featuring responses from a focus group he conducted, pollster Frank Luntz declared that although he had his doubts prior to Sunday’s debate, based his focus group Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was “back” in the race.

“Megyn, this is the first time of the three debates that there has been any genuine movement,” Luntz said. “And I have to be — I have to acknowledge something here — I thought it was all over for Donald Trump. And when these people walked in here, I was pretty sure of it. Based on their response and I hope to bring some more of it to you in the show, I have to change my mind. I actually think tonight was so significant that he is back in this race.”

(h/t RCP Video)

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