Trump Presses GOP to Hold Hearings on Proposed ‘Quid Pro Quo’ Before the Election — ‘This Is Watergate’

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record,” network correspondent Carl Cameron interviewed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump shortly before he hit the stage for a rally in Green Bay, WI.

During that interview, Trump argued Congress should hold hearings on revelations about a possible “quid pro quo” for the State Department regarding Trump’s opponent Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the private email server she had while serving as secretary of state.

Partial transcript as follows:

CAMERON: So today, big news about the undersecretary from the Department of State, Patrick Kennedy. You know the details. Obviously you’re upset about it. What do you want done?

TRUMP: Well, it’s illegal, I mean what’s taking place is illegal between Justice Department and the FBI and secretary of state and the State Department. I think it’s crazy what’s going on. It’s totally illegal. It’s a criminal act. It’s a crime. And I hear the Republicans are going to hold hearings after the election. Why would you hold them after the election? You want to hold those hearings before the election. This is a criminal act. And it’s incredible that they can do this and get away with it.

CAMERON: So there you go, taking shots at Republicans again.

TRUMP: It’s very disappointing. When you see that and you would say what’s the purpose of holding them after. After is better than not having them but, you know, we have 22 days. That’s a long time. You would think you would hold these hearings frankly immediately. This is serious stuff. This is big stuff. This is Watergate.

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