Beck: Comey Letter ‘One of the Most Irresponsible Things to Ever Happen’

Monday on his radio show, while discussing the FBI reopening the investigation into Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, conservative host Glenn Beck said FBI director James Comey contacting Congress is “one of the most irresponsible things to ever happen.”

Beck said, “For him to go for the subpoena and announce it and open this thing up when he says he doesn’t know if there’s even anything in those emails, that’s not too big of a risk for him, that is too big of a risk of anyone’s career, and not his, hers.”

He added, “You change the course of the country. You change the course of this person’s life. This is one of the most irresponsible things to ever happen, if it is indeed true that he doesn’t have any evidence. Can you imagine if this were to happen to Donald Trump? Can you imagine what we would be saying? If this would have happened to any Republican president—Mitt Romney—and they said, ‘We have no evidence’?”

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