Dr. Drew Still ‘Worried’ About Hillary’s Health Treatment

On this week’s “Adam and Dr. Drew Show” podcast, co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky said he is still “worried” about Hillary Clinton’s health treatment, echoing what the former HLN “Dr. Drew on Call” host said in August that led to CNN ending his show.

“I still am worried about what her doctors are doing. They were giving her a medication that was known to cause hyper-coagulability,” Pinsky told fellow host Adam Carolla, adding that Clinton “has had three very serious clotting” and “unusual clotting experiences.”

According to Pinsky, doctors treat “special people” differently, thus doing their patients a “disservice” like with Michael Jackson and Prince.

He added, “Doctors get turned on by taking care of special people, ‘They’re going to think I’m really good. How extraordinary, Hillary Clinton thinks I’m the best doctor in the land.’ They get turned on by it too much. It should be just another patient, who happens to be doing something extraordinary but if you treat them as extraordinary, you’re doing them a disservice. This is why we have Prince, this is why you have Michael Jackson, you name the cases, one after another.”

Dr. Drew went on to question the physicians’ treatments to Clinton’s ailments, calling it “reckless.”

(h/t The Daily Caller)

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