Gutfeld: Obama Is a Hypocrite on Division, But He’s ‘Right’ Reagan Would Be Disgusted With GOP Embrace of Putin

On Friday’s broadcast of “The Five,” Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld argued that while President Obama can’t talk about division, “It breaks my heart to see conservatives trusting” the anti-American Julian Assange and the president has a point that President Reagan would be appalled by Republicans embracing Vladimir Putin.

Gutfeld said, [relevant remarks begin around 6:20] “It’s a forever game for the Russians. Right now, they’re high-fiving. But we can’t just think that it’s going to end here. They’re going to do the Democrats. They’re going to do Republicans. They’re going to do everybody.”

Gutfeld continued that President Obama talking about division during his press conference earlier in the day was annoying, because “The division deepened while he was president. So it’s like, him complaining about polarization is like a refinery complaining about pollution. He actually created a lot of it.”

Gutfeld added “The thing is, that doesn’t bother me about the whole idea about people favoring Putin over Hillary and whatnot. It’s Assange. It breaks my heart to see conservatives trusting Assange over our intelligence agency. Assange is probably one of the most anti-American activists on the planet. He leaked names and addresses of Afghan civilians who were cooperating with NATO against the Taliban. He claimed WikiLeaks uncovered thousands American atrocities. He compared Gitmo to Auschwitz. He praises Hezbollah. This is a guy who leaked a stolen memo of some kind of an Army device that jammed IEDs. And we’re calling him a hero?”

After seeing a clip of President Obama saying that Ronald Reagan would role in his grave over a poll showing 37% of Republicans approve of Vladimir Putin, Gutfeld said that it’s an odd flip that Democrats are claiming Reagan and Republicans are claiming Assange before stating, “He is right. I think President Reagan, if he were alive, would be going, I can’t believe this is happening. I mean, I — tear down the wall, what happened to that? The end of Communism? Now we’re embracing the head — the former head of the KGB. I mean, you have to do the mirror equation, replace Russia with Mexico, replace Trump with Hillary. Mexico tampered with the election to get Hillary in. We would be flipping out. So, he’s got a point.”

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