Juan Williams: Dems Run the Risk of Looking Like ‘Hypocrites’ for Not Accepting Election Results

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” when asked about Democrats uproar over then candidate Donald Trump saying during a debate that he would wait and see when asked if would accept the elections results, liberal political analyst Juan Williams said Democrats now pushing for electors to vote against President-elect Donald Trump “run the risk of looking like hypocrites.”

Williams said, “There’s no question Democrats run the risk of looking like hypocrites given what happened at that expertly moderated debate in October. But in fairness, you know, at the time what was on the table was the idea of voter fraud, and it was being pushed by Republicans and Trump. There’s so much voter fraud in the country that the race could be tossed to Hillary Clinton and legitimately he could win the popular vote and be denied. That’s what he was responding to.”

“Now we’re dealing with something else, which is about Russian interference in the Democratic process and tilting the election and news coverage against Hillary Clinton a for Donald Trump,” he continued. “So, when we come to the electoral college now, you got to remember the Founding Fathers — I just finished a book about the Founding Fathers. They did not design the electoral college to be a rubber stamp. To the contrary, they think the electors should have the capacity to exercise some discretion. Do I think that something is going to — a coup is going to occur tomorrow? Absolutely not. But it’s not the case to say it de-legitimizes Donald Trump for people to ask questions.”

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