Krauthammer: Trump Was ‘Extremely Effective’ and Stopping Obama From Getting ‘One Last Shot at Israel’

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer argued President-Elect Donald Trump’s opposition to the UN resolution on Israeli settlements was an “extremely effective” means of stopping President Obama from getting “one last shot” at Israel out of “personal revenge.”

Krauthammer said the resolution would have done “permanent damage” to Israel, and “would have been one last shot at Israel, and particularly at Israel’s Prime Minister, from Obama. An act of kind of  — I don’t know if it’s ideological, but a lot of personal revenge. And what Trump did was unprecedented. For a president-elect to step in, to publicly oppose it, and essentially to tell Egypt, that introduced the resolution, you better withdraw this or you’re not going to have a friend in the White House, at a time when Egypt needs a friend in the White House. So, it was extremely effective and extremely daring. You don’t normally get that from a president-elect.”

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