Thomas Sowell: Distrust of President Goes Back to LBJ, Nixon

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s broadcast of “Hannity,” retiring columnist Thomas Sowell was interviewed by fill-in host Kimberly Guilfoyle and was asked what has changed in terms of American politics today.

Sowell said it was the deterioration of the trust of the American president, which he went on to add goes back to the Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon presidencies.

“I still remember when John F. Kennedy took this country to the brink of nuclear war with the Soviet Union,” Sowell said. “He had just been elected narrowly, been in office two years. And you know, we trusted what he said. They had to get those missiles out of Cuba and so on. And he was the president and he knew more than we did and that was it. I think what has happened since then is that first, Lyndon Johnson and then Richard Nixon lied to the public so outrageously that they destroyed not only their credibility, but more importantly they destroyed the credibility of the office of the president and we haven’t recovered from that yet.”

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