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Economist Thomas Sowell: ‘No Hard Evidence’ That Trump Is Racist

Conservative economist and author Thomas Sowell weighed in Thursday on “Fox & Friends” on Democrats’ continuous accusations that President Donald Trump is “racist.” Sowell said he has “seen no hard evidence” of racism from the president. “I’ve seen no hard

Thomas Sowell on FBN, 3/6/2019

Kanye West Tweets Thomas Sowell Quotes

Music superstar Kanye West received some Thomas Sowell quotes via a direct message from someone and then published them on his Twitter feed.

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Thomas Sowell: Distrust of President Goes Back to LBJ, Nixon

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s broadcast of “Hannity,” retiring columnist Thomas Sowell was interviewed by fill-in host Kimberly Guilfoyle and was asked what has changed in terms of American politics today. Sowell said it was the deterioration of the trust


Eleven Great Thomas Sowell Quotes

Legendary economist, author, and social theorist Dr. Thomas Sowell submitted his final column Tuesday after 25 years in syndication.


Thomas Sowell: ‘Gun Control Zealots’ Bring Everything but the Facts

On October 13 Hoover Institute senior fellow Thomas Sowell addressed the way “gun control zealots” fire up the cameras and microphones, grab a set of pre-established talking points, and a social media machine second to none any time there is a shooting they might be able to leverage for more gun legislation.

Gun Control Rally

Sowell: I Like Walker and Jindal the Most Out of the GOP Field

Hoover Institution Senior Fellow and author of “Wealth, Poverty and Politics: An International Perspective,” Thomas Sowell said that he likes Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal the most out of all the candidates in the GOP field


General Election 2015: Why It All Went Wrong (pt 1)

We don’t know the result yet except actually we do: a total dog’s breakfast of an epic cock up of a disaster for pretty much everyone. The people I feel especially sorry for are those of us on the right.

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School Choice: Whose ‘Choice’ Is It Anyway?

Economist and author Thomas Sowell has a way of very succinctly articulating profound truths. The Cato Institute tweeted one such nugget as the country celebrates National School Choice Week

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Thomas Sowell Floats Sessions, Gowdy as Possible GOP VPs

Popular conservative author and columnist Thomas Sowell takes a look at the potential GOP presidential field for 2016, and it appears he especially likes what he sees in Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Louisiana’s Bobby Jindal.

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Thomas Sowell: Al Sharpton’s ‘Trail of Slime’

In his column on Tuesday, author Thomas Sowell highlighted the political union of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and community agitator Al Sharpton in the wake of the murder of two city police officers while they sat in

AL Sharpton