WikiLeaks’ Assange: Our Source Is Not the Russian Gov’t — They Are Trying to Delegitimize Trump

In an interview with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity, WikLeaks founder Julian Assange doubled down on a claim he had made last month on Hannity’s radio show, which was the Russian government nor any state party of Russia were the source of hacks that exposed thousands of confidential Democratic Party emails.

“We can say – we have said repeatedly over the last two months, our source is not the Russian government and it is not the state party,” Assange said.

Assange said the backlash over the hacked emails was nothing more than an effort to “delegitimize” the incoming Trump administration.

“So why such a dramatic response?” he added. “Well, the answer is obvious – they’re trying to delegitimize the Trump administration as it goes into the White House. They’re going to try to say – they are trying to say President Trump is not a legitimate president.”

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