Whitlock: ‘Conservative Sports Meritocracy’ Exposed the ‘Fraudulence’ of Ronda Rousey

In a Fox Sports 1 essay for “Speak for Yourself,” Jason Whitlock blames the progressive media for overhyping Ronda Rousey as a better female athlete than tennis star Serena Williams.

“I blame us, the media — we bought and sold [Rousey’s] hype. We debated whether she could beat up Floyd Mayweather,” Whitlock states. “We published 5,000-word puff pieces hailing her as the most dominant and most invincible athlete of the time.”

Whitlock then accuses his former employer ESPN, who he refers to as “our friends at the PC network,” of being the reason why many black people think they have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition.

“The way the agenda-driven, progressive media embrace media is one of the reasons so many black people believe we have to work twice as hard to get half the recognition,” he adds.

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