Michael Eric Dyson: ‘Vicious’ Police Terrorized Black People ‘Long Before 9/11’

Wednesday on CNN’s “New Day,” Georgetown professor and radio host Michael Eric Dyson said, “Many African-American people say look we were introduced to terror long before 9/11” by the “the vicious police forces.”

While arguing racism played a part in the 2016 election Dyson said President-elect Donald Trump, “ginned up the racial animus.”

“I think he appealed to the worst instincts in our nature,” he continued. “Unlike Lincoln — the better angels of our nature — he appealed to the worst demons on our collective enterprise of thinking about American citizenship and democracy. And as a result of that, got elected.”

When host Chris Cuomo pointed out many people voted for Trump because they think the Obama administration has been weak on ISIS which Cuomo said is “color neutral,” Dyson said,”Color neutral and ISIS? Many African-American people say look we were introduced to terror long before 9/11 —the vicious police forces of America that have victimized us, and the way in which white supremacy operated.”

He added, “Rudy Giuliani when I debated him on ‘Meet the Press,’ said look you people focus on police killings of black people when that’s a small percentage of what happens… most however of the killings are done by black people against black people. Ninety-three percent of black people who are killed are killed by black people, but 84 percent of white people who are killed are killed by white people. But lets go on, let’s take hist logic to the extreme here. If that’s the case, how many people have died from terror in America in the last ten years? Maybe a hundred. Most people have died not from Muhammad, but Billy Bob. In terms of white people, white-on-white crime has done far more to damage America than ISIS.”

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