Kurtz: ‘Establishment Media’ Hyperventilation Over Trump Selection of Press Conference Questioners ‘Whiny’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Howard Kurtz, anchor of the network’s “MediaBuzz” program took aim at critics in the “establishment media” that have bemoaned President Donald Trump’s selection of reporters at press conferences with foreign leaders, which have been mostly members of what they deem to be the conservative media.

Kurtz called those critics “whiny” when asked by anchor Shannon Bream to react to CNN’s Jim Acosta, who took to the airwaves to criticize Trump for those selections.

“It’s not just Jim Acosta,” Kurtz replied. “The establishment media as a whole is engaging in a lot of hand-wringing and hyperventilation over the president’s selection of questioners. And frankly, it’s sounding a little bit whiny. But here are the facts: Eight questions from American reporters at the four news conferences the president has held with foreign leaders. Six of those have come from Fox, Fox Business, The New York Post, Christian Broadcasting, Townhall and The Daily Caller. So this is quite deliberate. He hasn’t called on any of the broadcast networks or major newspapers. Some of the questions have been good and some questions not so good. It was embarrassing on Monday as the controversy swirled about National Security Advisor Mike Flynn, what would he do hours before he was forced to resign, that the questions asked at that news conference did not mention General Flynn.”

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